Some dog training notes for the boys (Lucy is limping and out of commission, and Angel trains just for fun).

Levi: Took Levi to an agility run-through yesterday. I’m trying to get him to only do his tricks on cue. So we are working on sit, down, stand, back. Randomly, to see how he does.

Well, he anticipates a LOT. And offers behaviors. So I’ve also incorporated a wait in there, with my finger up, so he will stand still and do nothing. That also gets rewarded.

I was squatting down because that is how he learned the back, and it seems he needs to be reminded how to do it before I can stand with him going back. So I was squatting and doing the circuit, and every time I said sit, he would down! Goof head boy. πŸ™‚

So for some odd reason I stood up, and then had him do them all. Well, low and behold, the boy sat! So, it seems that my body position is dependent on that sit, as well as the back. Which is just a bit funny. I will be reworking his sit with a treat over his nose when I’m squatting, so he gets the idea.

Chase: This boy is doing really well. I’ve noticed that if I bring out treats while trying to toy train him, he shuts out the toy and focuses on the treats. So… gotta just work on the toy first, I think, and then bring treats in for other activites.

I bought a new tire jump from ebay and it came last week. I also bought a teeter base. I set up the tire, and Chase has already figured out that if he goes over/through/under something that I set up, it’s a good thing. πŸ™‚ He even went under the teeter base! LOL cutie boy.

I had him running through the tire pretty quickly. Will practice angles of entry next, and then height, but not any height for a while yet.

The 2×2 weaves are messing with me a little bit. I’m not sure I understand that one entry is okay (him going away from me), while the other (him coming toward me) is not. It’s a gate either way, isn’t it? Hrm.. I’m a bit confused. And he doesn’t seem to wrap around the poll at all when I’m half-mooning it. I will probably ask in class tomorrow night.

Otherwise, having fun!