Well, I got it. The new logo! It is super duper totally gorgeous nice. 🙂
Utah Collie Rescue

Check out the Utah Collie Rescue website to see it. Didn’t she do an awesome job? 😀 I also turned that site into a wordpress blog, like this. I think I like the layout better. Then, fosters, when we get some, will be able to log in and post updates about their dogs. It’ll be interactive and I won’t have to do everything myself.

I need to get the final logo so I can open a Cafepress Store and sell some stuff, and also print some business cards.

All my collie rescues are gone into homes.. now I feel guilty, being collie rescue with no collie. On the other hand, having only our 4 dogs is soooooo nice. We won’t be able to take a collie for a couple months, when the next comes in I’ll have to find a foster home.