Awww. here is another picture of Mac. Isn’t he a doll? I hope we find a home for him soon. He’s an official Collie Rescue boy, too.

I do wish that we did more collie rescue, but then at the same time, I don’t. Because it is hard work for sure. Mac is in a foster home for now. We only have our regular 4, which is making it rather easy.

I had Lucy and Levi to the vet yesterday. Levi got his rabies. Yeah I know I know, I don’t like giving vaccinations anymore. But Rabies, since it’s required by law, is one I will keep giving. We’ll see about Chase since he has all the signs of over-vaccination. But Levi has always handled it well.

Lucy’s new bump is nothing but fat, so that is okay. She is still limping. Looking back through past blog posts makes me realize we have been battling this limp for years. Poor girl. She is on alfalfa, glucosamine, and metacam, and she still limps. She’s going to go in for acupuncture next week, maybe that will help some. But the doc said if she had bone cancer or anything, it would show in xrays and blood work and we’ve had it all done on her. Hrmph.

Levi is our healthy boy. Chase and Angel will go in in the next few weeks for heartworm tests, as they are all due, we will start that up again for spring.