So question to all those millions of readers I am accumulating… 🙂 On the Pay Per Post forums, someone posted this: “…taught me that transparency and familiarity definitely can build interest.”

Which just got me to thinking. I am going through a lot of anxiety right now in my life. I’ve suffered from Social Anxiety since I was a wee tot. I’m better now than I was, I’ve worked through a lot of crap in my life, and I’ve come to this point to work through the latest and most pressing issue I now have, which is my SA. It affects my personal life, though right now it mostly affects my work.

I’ve always kept things very light on my blog. And I do love blogging about my dogs the most, and dog training. I like to keep a record of my dogs’ training progress. But I could also blog about my SA and how I am working my way through it. I don’t, because… well, LOL, because I have SA! And for another couple of reasons.

One, because I don’t want anyone to be hurt by what I write. Honesty is good, yes, but really I don’t actually know how far to go with things. It’s a skill I don’t know very well. I don’t want to hurt feelings. Two, I don’t want to post about work and get in trouble for it. I’m worried that my friends, family, and coworkers might come here and find out things that would surprise them. If I can’t tell them in real life, should I post it on my blog?

I have posted about my PMS here, which is fine. But it’s not as personal as a mental health issue like Anxiety. I know I know… from my codependent past, always wanting to please everyone else and not offend anyone, I learned that I should be able to be completely honest about myself, and my true friends will still like me. But I always worry about that.

Anyway, posting about anxiety might be more interesting than just light hearted stuff. 🙂 I guess I need to find a balance. And Balance is something I’ve not been very good at in my life.

*sigh* so, new things to learn. Always new things to learn…