Upgrading always worries me, even though I haven’t, as of yet, had one go bad. I just upgraded my WordPress to the latest version, because I wanted to upgrade my theme. And if I’m going to upgrade the one, why not the other.

So if you visited during the five minutes where all my files were deleted, I apologize. All seems okay now. I’m missing one background image (orange) in the title bars. But that might be a skin bug and I want to leave it there until the theme creator can have a look at it.

I love this theme. And schemes are completely cool. I can make changes to my CSS without changing the main CSS file. Woo Hoo. Gotta love that. I do hope I added all my PPP and blogrolling etc javascript in the right template pages, though.

I hope all the plugins and such still work. I think they do. So, carry on…