I usually find a lot of girl dog names that I like. I still love the name Lucy, and gave that name to my collie girl. She’s the only dog we have that I named. The rest came named. And I’m not very creative when it comes to names. So I just usually leave them as is.

But now I’m thinking of names that I like. For boys. I’d really like another boy collie sometime. And another girl collie, too. But only after some of these guys die off. Which will devastate me, for sure. I don’t want any of them to go.

So boy names I’ve been thinking about:

Quinn (I like this name.)
Ianto (pronounced Yanto, from Torchwood. Cool name.)
Ian (I’ve always loved this name)
Tristan (This would be good for agility I could yell ‘TRIS!’ really loud.
Puck ( what a cute name this would be! Short and sweet for agility too).

Anyone have any good suggestions? What is your dogs name? I really like theme names, like all your dogs named off Star Trek characters, or spices… but I never seem able to keep that going, or decide on a good theme.