Well, another good trialing day for us. Levi Q’d in Rally Excellent for his RE title. 🙂 He is such a good boy. He got a score of 88. He didn’t miss any stations, but he got dinged because we had to repeat one 3 times, and the backup he got some points off. But overall he did really well. I was afraid he was going to lay down on the honor sit stay, but he was okay. He was flopped over a lot. But I could talk to him, and he stayed seated. 🙂

So, he has his RE now. Woo hoo! Also, he qualified in JWW again today. His first leg toward his MJP. That is awesome. He didn’t get his Standard leg because I stopped talking to him through his weaves again, so he popped the 10th poll. Oh well! We are having fun anyway!

It was very cold and rainy. I had 3 layers of pants on and 5 layers on the top. Actually, standing in the wind and rain, I was hot. LOL. But better too hot than too cold.

Tomorrow is our last day of this trial. Right now Levi is whining and barking at some food that is on top of the fridge. He is such a goof!