Levi and Me
Levi and Me
Levi and Me Ooo a friend of mine and great agility person took some pictures of me when I was running Levi! I didn’t even know until today.

Levi has so much fun, and he is really moving well in these pictures. He is such a good boy. This must have been Sunday, as it wasn’t raining or snowing that day.

The thing I find interesting, while watching videos of myself or seeing pictures of myself, is my position. Now, those weaves, I am ahead of him. What am I doing up there? Usually I stay behind him and then he finishes all twelve. Is that why he popped the weaves? Because I was ahead and pushed him too hard? Gads I didn’t even know I was ahead of him. Very odd. Sometimes if he’s super slow in the weaves I try to pressure him a little bit, but I can’t do it very much or he’ll pop.

Yes yes I know, in theory, he should complete the weaves independently no matter where I am. But with all the weave problems we’ve had over the years, I’m usually very careful about my position. Maybe we just need to practice more at home with me at weird spots.


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