I just want everyone who comes here to know that yes, once in a while I do post opportunities on this blog to make a bit of extra money. All the money that is made here goes to Utah Collie Rescue, Inc, to help the dogs that need homes. So far I’ve made about $150 for the collies. Though I haven’t been paid any of it out yet, soon! The first payment should come in only 9 days.

It looks like we are going to be getting five dogs into rescue in the next few days. A wonderful volunteer who lives out in Tooele has found a lady who is being deployed to Iraq in two weeks. She has five dogs. One is a collie, two are collie mixes, and I’m not sure what the other two are.

We are going to post these five on petfinder, get them into foster homes, and find homes for them. It is just too sad that she has to give up her family, but I won’t state my opinion about the war right here and now. For now, we help the dogs and their people. That is the main goal.