Levi Bully StickWell, Levi has been chewing on his bully stick for about.. oh, two hours now.

You know, I’m amazed when I find a chew that lasts longer than about 20 minutes. Pig Ears entertain them for about 10 to 15 minutes. Bully sticks a little longer. I splurged and bought some extra thick 12 inch bully sticks (usually they get 6 inch ones).

Sometimes they get rawhide, but not really that often. And always supervised. Chase can’t have bully sticks because he swallows the dang things almost whole. And we are afraid they will be this long stick in his stomach. The dork.

I really should get to bed. Agility tomorrow. Caaan’t Stoooop Blooooginnnng…. đŸ˜€