Oh I love running Levi in agility. He is so good, and so steady. He didn’t Q again today in either standard or jumpers. I think the standard was him, he had a refusal on the dog walk. And I clearly called it. But he got his weaves gorgeously. And nice speed, too! I was so happy with that. And gave him so much cheering after that he got an off course into a tunnel but that’s okay too. We’d already messed up on the dog walk so it was okay.

Jumpers was a perfect run. Perfect! Levi did so good, and it was a hard course. But I went too fast through the weaves and he stuttered through. Dang!

FAST we Q’d in. He did awesome. He got the tunnel 10 feet out and then did the jump and tire perfectly from 11 feet out. I was so proud of him! One more leg and he’ll get his open FAST title. šŸ™‚

As for the weaves, both classes he was on my right side. Standard the chute was at the end of the weaves, but the side of it, it wasn’t the next obstacle. JWW there was nothing at the end of the weaves. Both runs they were in the middle of the course. JWW it was about the 8th obstacle. Standard I think it was the 12th obstacle. Hrm… so I’m glad I can write this down and compare to the next trial.

Anyway, as for the title of this post. Levi is my Soul Mate Dog. I love him as much as I love any human. He is as full of life, full of personality, and as marvelous and amazing as any human. His life is just as valuable. He is a full, complete, amazing individual. As are all my dogs, and all dogs. And yeah I bring that over to all animals, even though I don’t know them. One reason I don’t eat them. But Levi is my Soul Mate Dog for sure. I am bonded to him more than any other dog… maybe even any other living being. My husband, of course, is right up there too. šŸ™‚ But he knows my bond with Levi, and he understands.

I love agility with Levi. I love working with him and spending time with him. I am still so glad my life is wonderful now. I’m doing what I love. What I love most in the world, being with my dogs. šŸ™‚