Ha ha ha. Yes, I admit it, my dogs growl at me. Only Lucy and Levi, though. Chase and Angel don’t. Angel is too sweet, and never would hurt a fly. Chase has a different temperament and I treat him differently. Since he is a border collie and much higher drive, he needs different rules.

Lucy and Levi, though, are spoiled… are well taken cared for. πŸ™‚ Levi has always been underconfident, so when he does it, it’s okay. He’s being more confident. And Lucy is just pack marm and thinks she is boss of everyone. But she knows her place.

They really only growl when they are lying on our bed at night and we have to move them so we can sleep. And they growl, and we just laugh at them, and move them anyway. There will be no biting after the growls. They wouldn’t do that. It’s just mostly a groan of complain. But definitely a growl.

My husband and I think it’s cute. The dogs know how they rank, and so we don’t worry about their growls. πŸ™‚ We know them well enough to know if it was inappropriate. πŸ™‚