Sam is a very big, very sweet, wonderful rough collie boy! I love him already. 🙂 It’s so nice, actually, to have a healthy collie rescue in our home for once. Cheyenne was in such bad shape with his broken leg, bad teeth, and matted coat. And Jewel was also awful with her poor cut down coat because she’d been so matted, and had that bone stuck in her jaw. Both of them had been found as strays.

Sam is an owner surrender. He’s 8 years old. They couldn’t keep him anymore because they are having human children. 🙁 I’ve posted him on Petfinder.

He seems to think he is a top dog, so we have to watch him with Lucy. Since he’s so big, he has to have manners, I really can’t move him around much. 🙂 I bet he’s about 100 pounds. He towers over Levi, who is 24 inches at the shoulder and 65 lbs. But he is sweet and loving and very smart. He knows how to sit and shake, and we’ll see what else he knows. He was even starting to play with me this morning.

As usual, Chase hates him. So Chase and Levi are separate today. I have the web cam on, not sure if we’ll get a glimpse of him though. He’s not crated today because he’s 8, and mellow, and I don’t think he’ll chew on anything. He was crated last night and he whined only a little bit but settled down quite well.

*sigh* another collie boy I’m sure to fall in love with. 🙂