Yup, I just love Sam. He is a big goofy collie boy, typical. He wants to chase the cats, but they are in their safe room. Though Phoebe isn’t too crazy about not being able to go out when she wants to.

Sammy is almost too big to fit through our dog door. But he manages. Now to teach him how on his own. He is a bit pushy, but really not any more than Lucy or Levi. Or even Chase. He doesn’t care that Levi growls at him, guarding things, Sam just ignores Levi.

I’m going to give him a good brushing out… when I feel better. Woke up with some sort of stomach flu this morning. Gah. I hate this kind of sick.

And I think we might be getting Mac, too. He’s being returned. His old foster Mom and I both think he is a great boy, and the situation was just not condusive to another dog. That’s okay, we’ll find him a great home, still.

Maybe Sammy needs his own web page, we could get him one through web design San Diego. 🙂