I think it interesting, and a little bit funny, that some people still wonder if animals have rich emotional lives. I read an article in The Bark magazine yesterday about it. Fortunately, it’s a progressive magazine and they understand animal emotions, and so did the article (I don’t remember who wrote it).

Living with dogs, very closely, emotions in them are obvious. They feel love, anger, frustration, joy, happiness, curiosity, and the whole range of emotions. They don’t react the same as humans do to different things, and they think differently, but they still feel emotions.

The world is starting to realize this. Those of us who have lived closely with animals already know it, and don’t need any scientific studies to prove it. Though maybe for the rest of the world to reach the point we are, some good studies would be a good thing.

It is my belief that emotions evolved in all animals, human and non, as survival techniques. We love our young so that we protect them and they live and continue the species. We feel fear when we are threatened so that we will run from a threat, or fight it, to survive. We feel anger when our rights are compromised. Dogs, just as humans, have very rich cultural interactions, too, and their societies have evolved emotions to deal with these.

So it surprises me when people wonder if animals have emotions. Of course they do. Human animals, and non-human animals. We all feel things very intensely. And so, we all need love. Dogs are pack animals. They need a family, just as humans do. That’s why we live together so well. I feel bad for the dogs that are stuck outside their whole lives with nothing to do. They get bored, they find things to do, then they get in trouble for it.

Dogs should be inside, part of the pack-family. Well socialized and given lots of fun things to do, and have lots of good interactions. We are all living beings, not so different from each other. We all deserve good lives.

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