I’ve been calling Sammy “Sam Bam”, from the Flintstones Bam Bam. 🙂 Sammy is a character, for sure. I just have to tell a little bit about him. I adore this big guy.

He is afraid of nothing. And like Lucy, he just walks along, over any other dogs, like they are not there. But heck, he’s big enough it doesn’t really matter because everyone else moves!

He talks to me a lot. He will stand and bark at me, not even closing his mouth. 🙂 He likes getting on the couch but he’s polite enough to wait until he’s asked before he gets up. Unless he’s alone in a room then he just jumps right up.

He is very outgoing. When I was making my bed last night, he tried to mount me! Goofball. I just pushed him off and told him that was not acceptable. 🙂 He has such a great range of emotions, he is a very full, well rounded, living being. Last night I put him in the crate and he was yapping, so I used the evil squirt bottle, and oh boy did he get mad at me. He wouldn’t even look at me after. But he’s forgiven me this morning.

He is smart, sharp, loving, and sweet as pie. I would love to keep this boy!