Mac is a complete doll. He’s been sleeping on the bed with me at night. He curls up next to me just like Levi does. And needless to say, Levi is not too happy with the situation. 🙂 But really Levi is being a good boy. And even Chase is putting up with these two collies okay. Though we are very careful with Chase, he’s not allowed to be around them unsupervised, and we make sure Chase has all the space he needs. He doesn’t like to get crowded by the new kids.

Mac seems nervous, though. I think it’s going to take him a few days to really settle in. I was going to place him in another foster home, thinking we were going to get another rough sable boy, but that hasn’t come to be yet. So for now we have Mac and Sammy.

Mac likes to roll on his bully sticks rather than eat them. 🙂 He loves to snuggle, and get scratches on his neck. He LOVES to go for walks, he gets all excited when the leash comes out. He likes pig ears. He likes to eat dinner. He’s friendly as can be and hasn’t had any bad incidents with any of the other dogs.

He really hates his toenails trimmed, though. I got a couple yesterday. On one of his dew claws the nail is separating from the skin, and I wonder if it hurts him.

He’s already microchipped, too. I need to call Avid and get his info switched to us. I wonder if I can register Utah Collie Rescue with them, and get a discount or something. I also have to contact Home Again, as Sammy got a Home Again chip yesterday.

At the vet yesterday Sam weighed in at 99 pounds. He is a big boy! I didn’t have Mac weighed, I can probably get him on the home scale. I bet he’s about 55ish.