Okay, we are going to do Flyball in St. George. Actually, it’s Flyball in Hurricane, Utah. I will probably bring Levi, too, my agility collie. πŸ™‚ Just for fun and he likes to get out.

I really want to go to Laramie, Wyoming, for Flyball in July/August, to see my friend from Denver. And so we will go do Flyball in St George to get our feet wet. Though I’m only going to go Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Run singles on Sunday, and maybe Doubles.

I really think Chase will handle it just fine. We do need more box work, he needs to get that down pat before we go. And sometimes he cheats and doesn’t do a nice turn. He is better with the cone to help him around. So we will do lots of cone work to get that muscle memory going, so that he’ll know how to turn. It’s really cool to see those dogs that do perfect box turns in Flyball.

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