Well then! The trial is over. We had fun. We have to work on Levi’s brand new weave problems. 🙂 But what’s new? LOL. It’s always something. Levi is such a good boy. He gives me his all and does his best.

This run is an excellent run. This is his Standard run, Excellent B, on Monday. First run of the day. Small to tall. He did an awesome job. However, you’ll see a good shot of his latest weave problems. He’s entering on the second poll, and he’s actually popping on the 10th. This one he didn’t, I really revved him up mid-weaves. But that also made him skip a poll, but it got him to exit on the correct side.

Anyway, it was a great trial. Next weekend we have a break, then we have another 2 day trial. I am going to shape Levi’s entry in the next two weeks, with the clicker, to see if that will help him get better at entering. And also put guides back on the front and the end, to see if that helps, too. I love my boy. 🙂