Well, just like a dog I ran through my sore ankle all weekend and guess what? Today it’s nice and swollen. Ugh. Well, Wednesday I need to do flyball because we are in the tournament end of June, so I will probably just take it easy today and tomorrow. I still want to go to obedience class tonight. So I might just do some retreiving and not much heeling with the boys. 🙂

And I am SOOO excited! I bought a video camera. A friend of mine had one yesterday at the trial. And all weekend I was thinking of buying a video camcorder that burns right to DVD. Well, my friend D with the Malinois, bought one on Sunday night and brought it with on Monday. It’s nice! And it was on sale through Memorial Day. So I went and bought one last night.

Yeah yeah I should have gotten it before the trial, not after. LOL. But no worries, there will be more trials. So I’m going to be a recording fool. I got some DVD-RW minidiscs, too.

It’s a Sony Handycam with a 40x Optical Zoom.