This is a sad thought I’ve been having and it almost brings tears to my eyes, but I just wonder.

I play with Sammy and Mac and we goof off and scratch and snuggle and have a good time. But do they miss their old families? Do they think about them? Remember them and want to see them again?

How can they not? If nothing else, they formed bonds with their old families and those bonds don’t ever go away.

Dogs seem to adjust so well to a new home. They really do. And in rescue, we often say it’s harder for the humans than it is for the dogs to adjust to living in a new home. Dogs live in the moment. But they have memories and feelings too.

What are they dreaming about? What are they thinking about? They don’t think in words like humans do, but they think. And even though they bond to me, and then will bond to their final families, still…. do they miss their old families? 🙁

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