I’m excited. I told Smokey (aka Cheyenne)’s new Mom that if she gave a donation to Utah Collie Rescue, I’d groom him for them. They are having a hard time finding a good spot to have him groomed. And when I had him in, they didn’t wash all his soap off and he got Seborrhea and was really itchy and bad off. When I gave him a bath myself, as soon as I put the water on him, he sudsed up. Pissed me off.

I am not a professional groomer, but I can brush out a rough collie, bathe him, and trim him up. And yeah, I’m picky about my rough collies. I like them pretty. 🙂 Well, my smoothies too. Though my own dogs need a bath. They smell so nice after a bath.

I’m just excited I’ll see him again. It won’t be for about 3 weeks, since the next two weekends, after this one, will be agility again. But then the weekend after that I’ll do it.