This is Glitter the sheltie! She stayed with us for a week while her Mom, Dad, and brother Nick the sheltie went to California to do a NADAC trial. Nick has his NATCH, and his Mom is trying to get him his V-NATCH. He needs, I think, one Touch-n-Go leg. Well, he got every other run he was in, but didn’t Q in Touch-n-Go! Ugh! That is so frustrating.

Glitter is a doll. She slept on the bed with me. She is so small, we might have walked on her once in a while. She weighs 16 pounds. Compared to our 65 pound collies, she is tiny. She likes to walk all the way up your body in bed and flop right down on your chest. 🙂

As for the story? Well, it’s a bit funny… after I fed the dogs today and afterwards, Angel goes right out to potty. She was a bit runny, poor girl. I saw her potty on the stone patio (she likes to do that better than the icky wet grass). So she is a bit runny and poop-walking. I go back to playing fetch with Mac. After we play some fetch, I go inside and what do I see? The husband sitting on the couch watching TV (the old Battlestar Galactica, good show) and there were poop spots all over the tile floor. I was like um… didn’t you see Angel come in and poop? LOL. He didn’t. I cleaned up, and we had a good laugh.