collies on the couchHow many dogs fit on the couch? I was cleaning my basement today because I really needed to wash clothes and put them away. Okay, I just needed to put them away, mostly they were washed. So you can see the clothes on the couch. So I was sitting on the floor, and the next thing I know I look back, and three dogs are on the couch. πŸ™‚ Levi, Chase, and Lucy.
collies on the couch

And of course, then a little bit later I take them all out (today is my day off, I work 4 10 hour days), and then go back downstairs for some more cleaning and what do I find? But Sammy has gotten the whole couch. And why not. Since he’s 99 pounds, he can pretty much be where he wants to be.

So then while Sammy is on the couch, collie couch Levi decides that he really needs to be on the couch, too. And no one stops Levi from being on the couch. If he doesn’t get his spot, he will yap and whine until he does. But this time, he didn’t let Sammy intimidate him. Nope, he just crawled right up next to Sammy. Which is quite unlike Levi!

I just love these dogs. They have their own wonderful personalities, and always bring me a smile.