Johann Agility SheltieI wanted to write a bit of a review of one of the dog blogs I regularly visit. I have to say, Johann is a very talented, quick, and smart sheltie. (Sheltie is short for Shetland Sheepdog.) He is a bi-black sheltie, which means he is black and white. Many shelties, and collies, have brown mixed in there. Collies don’t come in bi-black, collies always have brown in their coats. Tri-color shelties also have brown, black and white, just like tri-colored collies. Johann is a very pretty boy, he is black and white, and he is very striking indeed! This picture of Johann’s website has him on the right, and one of his sheltie friend’s on the left.

When you visit Johann’s website, you’ll find many interesting options. You can Shop from Johann’s shop, you can watch Johann’s agility comeback video, and you can read all about Johann.

Agility Sheltie

Johann is an excellent agility sheltie. I love to see how quickly some dogs move up through the Novice, Open, and Excellent classes in AKC. Johann was quick and smart enough to move all the way into Excellent in under one year. And he also does venues other than AKC. This agility sheltie also does USDAA, another very fun agility venue. We have done some USDAA and we would like to do more if we had more time and more money. 🙂

Rescue Sheltie

Johann is also a rescue! And as ya’ll know, I whole-heartedly support rescue. I absolutely love seeing dogs having a wonderful time in agility, especially the rescues which may have had a difficult start in life. It’s amazing to me to see the most brilliant, fast, amazing dogs in agility, and find out they were dumped at the shelter (like Chase), or returned multiple times from various homes, or deemed ‘untrainable.’ Bah! These dogs just needed a job. Something to do. Johann even has a picture of one of his littermates, and occasionally wonders what might have happened to them. What home are they in now? It would be great if he could talk to them once again.

Sheltie Blog

Johann even has his own blog. I visit his blog on a regular basis, whenever my own blogging and dog training allow, and love to read up on his training experiences and trialing adventures. I think it is very neat how much Johann looks like Chase, my border collie. Though Johann is definitely sheltie, and Chase is definitely.. well, we tell AKC he is definitely BC, but he is definitely not sheltie lol. Their coloring is very similar! If Chase wasn’t so grumpy, they could play together. I wonder how much Johann weighs? Chase weighs about 52 pounds. Maybe Johann will come to visit us and let us know in a comment. 🙂

Sheltie Family

Johann also has a sister named Gracie. It seems as though she has a bit of the zoomies like Chase does. But she is learning and coming along, and she is a great sister to have fun with!

So, if you’d love to meet another really fun sheltie who does agility, clicker trains, and knows how to sneeze on cue, go check out Johann the Dog!

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