So there is a lot of argument, discussion, and interest in the HP 1634 in California lately. The ‘California Healthy Pet Act’ I guess it’s called. Around about what I’ve heard, it’s a mandatory Spay/Neuter law.

Many breeders are fighting it. Many show people and competition people are also fighting it. And I can see their concern. They don’t want their breeding rights taken away. If this passes, they will have to get permits to have an intact dog (as far as I understand).

CA Healthy Pets is a website that has a lot of good information about it.

Also from what I understand, and correct me if I’m wrong, no one would be able to have an intact dog without a permit. Permits would be given out for dogs in conformation shows. And going into CA with an intact animal will not be punished.

I read that CA has over 800,000 abandoned cats and dogs per year.

The sad thing is, animals are dying because people want to continue to be able to breed irresponsibly. The good breeders can still breed if they follow the rules. The backyard breeders will have to stop.

I did hear somewhere that all breeding, and all animals, regardless of if they show or not, would have to be fixed by 2009…? But I’m not sure if that is a rumor or not.

Anyway, it is a drastic bill, for sure. But the lives of animals are at stake. Too many animals are killed every year in shelters. Something drastic has to be done.