UUGGGHH!!! No fun! Well, fun and no fun. πŸ™‚ Levi did AWESOME in his jumpers run. No Q, but he had speed. And he not only entered the weaves, he finished them too! Nevermind the couple he skipped in the middle, LOL. I actually didn’t care about those. I just wanted him to no pop the 10th poll. And he didn’t! But he got an R and an F for skipping them. That’s okay. He did really good.

Then me, Levi and Chase went for a walk… and Levi seemed to step in something. Suddenly he kinda started then walked by my side the rest of the way back to our tent. And when I trotted him, he limped. BOOOOO. So he was limping the rest of the day. I looked him all over, we stretched him out, and still he was limping. So not sure if it’s in pad (he seems to have a raw spot but not sure), or in his muscles. So I pulled him from FAST and Standard. πŸ™ Made me really sad.

I thought of going to see the show vet at about 5:30 PM, after they had gone. Oops. So tomorrow if he’s still not better we will see what the show vet thinks.

Of course I don’t want him to get worse. I hope it’s a pad issue and not a pulled muscle issue. Ugh.

Well, I’m tired, I’m going to try to catch up on some comments as I eat my pizza. We really need some poker tables around here to have a party after the trial. πŸ˜‰