Woo Hoo! Levi is back and doing well. He Q’d in Excellent B Standard today. Nice run! Just beautiful. Weaves were a bit slow but he got them all. I was so proud. His limp seems to be gone or mostly gone. Gone enough that it doesn’t bother him. I see it a bit sometimes still, but it’s hard to catch. And he didn’t do any refusals or anything that suggests he’s in pain so I ran him in Jumpers, too.

He would have Qd in jumpers but he stuttered his weaves. So I tried clapping half way through… and oh my goodness he picked up so well and got the rest! I will be clapping tomorrow to see if it helps him through the weaves some.

It’s late, 10:03 pm, and I’m dead tired. No videos today, maybe tomorrow. 😉 Good night!

With all this running around, I won’t be needing any Ephedra. 🙂