Not sure if going back to work today is a good thing, or a bad thing. Bad in that I won’t be able to spend time with the dogs all day long, which I love. Good in that I will make more money for my fun dog things. 🙂 And also, having a day off dog activities is a good thing. I’m skipping obedience classes tonight, too, because I’m a bit burned out and we all need a break after a 4 day trial and lots of driving.

Also, I’ll need to burn all my movies to DVD and give them out to the people I trialed with. I have a ton of movies. A number from each day. I also bought another nice collage of Levi.. different photographer, and a guy there was making frames that fit the pictures perfectly so, of course, I had to buy one of those, too. Actually bought two since I need one for the collage I have at home. I wish I was better at taking pictures and movies, and would love to attend a photo school.

I was thinking, when I retire, I should get a super nice HD camcorder and tape people running their dogs and sell the tapes. People do that, but they charge so stinking much. I would like to think I wouldn’t charge too much. It would be fun to do, and it helps people out, too. We’ll have to see how that goes! 🙂