I love the idea of biking. I don’t have a bike anymore… unless you count my old 10-speed I bought when I was a teenager. First thing I bought with my own money. And it had to be a boys bike, too. No wimpy girls bikefor me or my sister. LOL. Like I’ve said to my friends… my parents raised a couple of good boys… errr, girls to be boys. 🙂 It is hanging in my sister’s garage next to her bike. Mine’s blue, hers is red.

I would love to get a bike and find a nice bike path where I can take the dogs for a nice long run. I mean, how great would that be for the dogs? Especially Chase. He loves to run and run and run. We would have to go to a mountain, because we don’t have a beach. But I would so love to get beach bikes and take off along the beach with the dogs and really tire them out.

And so this site, selling beach bike cruisers, just gives me a longing for a nice beach, a sunset, and the water. We have the Great Salt Lake, but it’s pretty icky. We do have the Jordan Parkway which is a very nice place to walk and ride, and maybe the bikes would be popular there?