Having a safe home, a safe area, is a critical part of life. When I moved into my current home I considered a security system, as I was living alone. But I really couldn’t afford it. Plus, I had dogs… two at the time. My Shepherd mix Kip, and Lucy, my collie. She was a puppy at the time, though, and Kip was getting old. However, they still barked loudly and I hoped that would deter any burglars. Though I’m always worried that my dogs could be hurt by burglars or thieves.

So anyway, I was crusing the web tonight, wondering if I could find information on how safe your home is if you have a dog. This is an interesting article on dogs and personal security, and which breeds to chose if you are looking to find a dog to protect your home. I will say, I only support some of the things on that page. For starters, I don’t feel like anyone should get a dog with the sole idea of protection. A dog is a living being, and should, first and foremost, be a family member. If you chose to do some protection training with your companion, that is well and good, but finding a positive way to do that can be difficult. Many protection trainers use old style correction training. My trainer has a Belgian Malinois… I love the breed, and almost got one when I was looking at breeds. She does Shutzhund with her dog. And she uses positive training methods.

That page also says that dogs can deter burglars, but they are not the best way to do so. Like I said, if a burglar comes into my home, I fear that if they have a gun, they may shoot my dogs, or myself or my husband, in order to get what they are looking for. And no dog is going to stop a gun.

A security system might be the way to go. Depends on your situation, of course. My parents have a security system, mainly because after my sister was divorced they were worried about him doing something dumb. Fortunately he never did.

I have automatic locks on my car, and I think it’d be great to have them on my house. I would love to have fingerprint locks.. deadbolts, even. They really are not the stuff of the future. Stick your finger on the lock and it recognizes your print, and opens your door. No more looking for lost keys. 🙂

So what do you think about having dogs for security? I am not really all that fond of the ‘protection’ breeds. As you know, I have collies, and they are lovers, not fighters. Though I keep telling them Timmy is in the well and they need to get help, and they just ask me for a bully stick. 😉