Ugh.. I’m finally home from my big long day. Smokey got here at 8am… and I started grooming him. He had some mats behind his ears but he wasn’t too bad. I did end up brushing a lot of fur out of him. I worked on him for about an hour and a half, then gave him a bath, then went to my appointment.

I absolutely LOVE grooming him. He is so gorgeous, I could have groomed him all day long. I swear he could have been a show collie. Since he was intact and debarked when we got him, I wonder if he was a puppy mill breeder boy. He had a broken leg, was matted like crazy, and his teeth were so rotten he had to have all but 2 pulled. I think those are all signes of puppy mill. Though I don’t know of any collie mills around here.

Anyway… so then I went to my appointment, then came home and picked up poop in the yard. Then finished Smokey up. He’s gorgeous, he needed a bow. 🙂 His Mom and Dad came and got him and we chatted for a while before I left for Ogden.

Of course I was late. Things seem to always take longer than I think they will. I drove to Ogden and met a wonderful family. I would place a collie with them in a second. They showed me all their old collie pictures. They are thinking of adopting from an Arizona rescue as we don’t have any collies for adoption right now. I love seeing collie pictures. 🙂

Then I drove up to Logan with Mac (he came to Ogden, too). He seemed to like the house and their other dog. Their other dog is epileptic. They just discovered this. If Mac makes the seizures worse, we will take him back. We do’nt know how it will work. They hope that Mac’s presence will help their dog. I don’t know anything about epilepsy. I guess there are no real triggers, it just happens. So we will have to see. Mac was mounting their boy in play. I hope their dog will tell Mac to stop, and they will work it out. Mac has never showed signs of aggression. And I’m not sure if the mounting is just play, or if it’s dominance play. It’s a weird thing he does.

Then I drove home, stopped at Kohl’s on the way, bought a new nightgown, and now I’m wearing it and I’m ready for bed!