Well, I haven’t canceled my hotel reservation yet.. but I really should. I will tonight or tomorrow. I’m not going to St. George Utah for Flyball this weekend. I’m sad. I wanted to hang out with my new friends, try out U-FLI and hang out with Chase. But alas, hopefully we will be able to go to one in the future or even next summer. And Chase’s doubles spot might be filled by another dog so that will be good.

I’m glad I won’t have to drive for five hours to get there. And I hope to go to an agility fun match instead. My collie Levi needs to have fun matches so he can get better at his weaves in the ring. And rewarding him in the ring for weaving is such a bonus. He’s my agility collie and he is completely fun to run!

And Chase will also get to run, I think. We can practice everything we have learned over that last couple of months about focus and control. So we’ll see how he does. And if I can walk him to the start line with treats for being nice, I think that’ll be great for him.

I love the venues that we can see dogs of all breeds compete. I often wonder what breed the dog really is.. sometimes I wonder about Chase too. I’d love to get a DNA test to find out!