Well, I’m home. I canceled my hotel reservation. We’ll have to see how things go. Maybe I’ll get kicked off the team, I hear some are pretty mad at me. But like I said, it’s not worth it to travel down there just to help out. Chase’s feet are still sore, too. He is still favoring them, so I don’t think I’d run him tomorrow on the mats.

I hope that I won’t need any drug rehab once they get back, maybe I’ll get chewed out. Well, my life doesn’t depend on it. Worst thing is I’m not on the team anymore. Which really isn’t any skin off my back, and would just mean less stress in life.

I am going to try that agility fun match tomorrow. If Chase’s feet aren’t up to par then he can go swimming or play on the grass. It’ll be sooo good for Levi’s weaves!