Maybe I should start a new series of posts about different dog breeds. I love learning about different breeds. My favorite are the herding breeds, but there is one group of dogs that has so many varieties it’s amazing. That’s the terrier group. I have been watching a number of different terriers in agility lately. Up in Blackfoot I was completely impressed by a very fast, accurate, cute and sweet Boston Terrier.

I will admit it, terriers scare me! I was just admitting this to a friend earlier today, as a matter of fact. Oh they don’t scare me like maybe they would bite me or threaten me in any way. Instead they scare me in that they are a handful, and would be a challenge to train. And heck, my border collie is challenge enough for me right now. 🙂 My obedience trainer has often told me that she wants her next dog to be a Boston Terrier. She has Belgian Malinois now. She says she would love to train a different breed of dog, a small dog, to expand her knowledge of dogs.

When looking for information on Boston Terriers, I found a great deal of information on The Dog Guide. I’ll be looking over that site for information about other breeds as well.

Boston Terrier Personalities

Boston Terriers are, first and foremost, terriers. And anyone interesting in buying or adopting a Boston Terrier should realize terriers can be strong willed and stubborn. They are also loving, intelligent, and great companions. I always encourage positive training methods, and Boston Terriers respond best to positive training methods such as clicker training.

Boston Terriers are companions. They are not outdoor dogs or dogs that can be left in a room by themselves. They are not very high energy dogs, but like all breeds they benefit greatly from having things to do, think about, and experience. I don’t see many Bostons in agility. Terriers love to work, and giving them a job, like agility, is a great way to let them learn and grow. Being terriers, a great deal of patience and repetition is needed to encourage them to have fun at dog sports.

Boston Terriers and Health

Boston Terriers have two health issues. First in their eyes. They have large, rather protruding, eyes. The Dog Guide on Boston Terriers recommends that they are never allowed to stick their heads out of a moving vehicle. I advise against this with all dogs, but it’s especially important with Bostons. Their eyes are too exposed and a Boston’s guardian needs to be aware of this.

The Boston Terrier also has a short nose. All short-nosed dogs can have trouble breathing, and Bostons, again, are no exception. Much of the time female Boston’s giving birth must have C-Sections because of the size of the head of their puppies.

Breeding Boston Terriers requires careful research and care, and should not be taken on by anyone who is not a professional, responsible breeder interesting in the betterment of the breed, and willing to do extensive research into the dogs’ genetics.

Boston Terriers as Companions

Boston Terriers are great companion dogs. Being small, they can be apartment dogs that just need walks each day. They also have the potential to be good in dog sports like agility and obedience. Some Boston’s even do weight pulling. They are stout little dogs that love people, and are good with children.

If you are considering a Boston Terrier I hope you will consider rescue. If you see a Boston Terrier in a pet store, he most likely has come from a puppy mill. Boston’s, being small dogs, are more popular as puppy mill dogs. Puppy mills are horrible places where breeding dogs are left in cages and neglected all their lives. Please rescue, or find a reputable breeder.