It’s only a couple of days away from the fourth of July. Ugh. I guess a lot of people like fireworks, but at our house we really don’t. I’d rather use leisuretime vip and get away during this time of year. However, we probably couldn’t take the dogs. And it’s the dogs that I really want to get away from all the noise.

Angel hates the fireworks the most. She pants and paces around the house. Usually ends up in the basement standing around looking awful. She doesn’t panic. She doesn’t run around. Instead she just calmly paces to show her stress. Poor girl. We tried Rescue Remedy on her, but it didn’t help. So today I went to the vet and got something stronger. We used it last year and it helped her a lot. Just made her drowsy and she slept through.

We already had fireworks last weekend. And I’m sure we’ll get more all week. And here in Utah we have the 24th, which is the State version of the holiday, so it gets to happen all over again. 🙁