The worst thing about rescue is getting in a dog that could possible bite someone, or has already bitten someone. Well, there is a dog with sheltie rescue right now, he’s either a collie or a sheltie the debate is still out, that has gone ofter his foster Mom. Second time he broke skin.

He was pulled from a shelter. I haven’t met him yet, but the question in the air is of euthanasia. As horrible as that is, we can’t place a potential biter. Not only is it too dangerous, we also could get sued. So sheltie rescue is keeping me in the loop.

When I started collie rescue I made a pact with myself. I can’t take aggressive dogs. I don’t have the resources, and I have to keep my family, and other families, safe. It would break my heart, but there are so many good dogs out there that need homes. In an ideal world all dogs, aggressive and otherwise, would be able to live out their lives in a nice comfortable place where everyone is safe. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.

So anyway, it’s a hard call. It’s easier to just run off and buy concert tickets to a concert, and not have to think about it.