Well here is Faith. She is a very pretty girl. She wasn’t too pleased being crated in the living room last night. My smaller crates were in the car from agility, and getting into the garage is a pain since it’s so small. So this morning I got them out and I put the one metal crate in the bedroom so she will sleep there tonight. I think she will be happier being in the same room as us at night.

She is very people friendly. She loves attention and loves to snuggle. I love her coloring. She seems a bit small to be considered a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She seems to be respecting the other dogs if they tell her to stop bothering them. She is a pup, only about a year old, so she’s wiggly and has energy and my dogs don’t really like wiggly pups much. šŸ™‚

Click the picture to see it bigger. I didn’t know pits come in white with brown speckles. And boy, is she pure muscle, she makes me jealous. I want the genes to be pure muscle! šŸ™‚