Yup, Faith is definitely a pup. 🙂 She’s about a year old. She is as sweet as pie, we just adore her. Levi and Chase aren’t too sure but we are keeping them mostly separate. Unless we are outside, and she is leaving them alone so that is a good thing. They need their space.

Faith thinks that if anyone walks around she should be out of the crate. And she has a very annoying whine. She thinks when my alarm goes off the first time it’s time to get up… usually I hit snooze about 3 times LOL. Got up early today. She thinks she should not be left in a room without a human in it. And she can jump a baby gate to prove it. She thinks it’s too exciting outside to potty, so forgets to do so and poops in the house. 😉 Though she’s only done that once.

She’s a very sweet girl. She is good for us to have, since we have never fostered a pit. And I will admit it, I am wary about pits. Mostly because of their reputation, and I want to get over that myself so getting to know one is good for me!