My husband and I had a terribly busy day today. I much prefer having quiet days at home. But we did get a lot done, including buying him seat covers for his new car (and they have paw prints! We couldn’t resist). And new sheets for our spare bedroom we cleaned out, which also had paws and dogs on them. 🙂 It was a successful dog stuff day.

Anyway, on the way down to my Father In Law’s place in Lehi, about 30 mins south of us, we were checking the time and wishing we had swiss army watches, we saw a couple of Dalmatians happily trotting down the side of the road. It was a fairly busy road, but we hadn’t gotten near the freeway yet. We thought we might be late for where we were going, but it didn’t matter, because the dogs were more important. And so we pulled over to try and catch these two.

I worry anymore about trying to pick up dogs off the street. I’m afraid they will get spooked and head into traffic. That is my first and foremost concern. Well we pulled over and these two were trotting on a sidewalk, and my husband says, just open the back door. So I get out and do so. And these two sweeties just jumped right in. They seemed to be hot and tired and ready for the nice cool car!

Fortunately they had tags. So not only were they sweet and friendly, they were tagged so we could easily pull out the cell phone and call their people. A very worried, and very grateful, woman answered the phone. Turns out these two were being watched by friends near our house. The dogs lived further away. So we were able to drop them off where they were staying before we proceeded on to the FIL.

These two get out if the gate is open, she said, and will go exploring. She’d had them for 12 years, and they did seem older. It was a mistake that the gate was left open, and it really can happen to the most careful of us. And it was just so funny how they both jumped right in the car! Like they knew they’d had enough exploring and were ready for some shade and some water. And we were the limousine to take them home.

It’s a good feeling to know dogs are safe. It’s sad to see car after car just drive by them. Doesn’t anyone care? Doesn’t anyone want to make sure these two are safe? It makes me mad. I guess if more people cared, though, we wouldn’t have the dog over population problems we have today.

Right now Lucy and Levi are chewing on their bully sticks. And Faith, our sweet short-term foster, is frustrated because she finished hers. But she is being a very good girl and not bugging the other two. I am so glad she respects them.

I am tired and I want to go to bed!