Wow.. I must say working with Faith is a lot of fun. I took her out on a leash today to see how she would be. My husband says that when he took her to the vet (he had them look at her spay scar, it was oozing puss and looked red but it was just a reaction to the sutures) she was a nasty puller on the leash. And it’s hard when you must get somewhere and you don’t have the time to work… but we had some time to walk up and down the block.

She would pull, I would stop and be a tree. She would let the leash go slack, and I would walk with her. Tight… tree. Slack… walk. She got the idea really fast? On the way back she hardly pulled at all. I think just a few days of that and she’d be all better.

When I tried to do that with Chase, I could have been a tree for a whole day and he still would not have stopped pulling. He needed another method, and we found that. So it’s really fun to find what works for the different dogs!