Whew! Well, the busy agility weekend is over. I’m home very early, too. It is very nice to be home early. Any minute now.. actually I feel it already, I’m going to be dead tired and not want to get my bottom off the couch. Though we are going to check out a flyball club tonight so I’m going to have to get up in a few hours. :p

Well good news about agility. While Levi didn’t Q on Friday, he got a standard Q on Saturday, and another standard Q on Sunday. Of course I messed up his jumpers runs on both days. But that’s normal, though not desired! All of his runs were gorgeous. He only missed one weave entry, and he didn’t have one 11th poll pop out. I think having 3 weeks off agility has really helped him a lot. My boy is awesome, and he just doesn’t like doing agility every weekend. But that’s okay! It’s a good thing to know about him. Maybe we’ll have to take some cruises to check out agility in other parts of the world! He he or I just want to go on a cruise. 🙂

Collie Agility

So here is his Excellent B Standard course he qualified in on Saturday. Lookit that sweet collie boy go!

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