Do your dogs wear collars on a daily basis? If so, what kind? When I was a dumb kid I had Kip in a metal choke all the time. I didn’t know they could be dangerous. When I found that out, when he was probably about 10 or so, I put him in a buckle collar.

Angel wears a martingale because she can slip a collar very easy. Lucy wears a really super pretty buckle collar that Jen made.. I need a picture of it. Chase wears his buckle collar from dog camp, and Levi doesn’t usually wear a collar. Because, we’ll, he’s so handsome I hate to give him a collar line. He has one from dog camp, too, though.

Lucy and Angel have tags. Chase and Levi don’t, because I do so much agility with them and tags are not allowed that they are not on their collars.

What type of collars do your dogs wear?