Kip had no titles, not even a CGC, and often I wish I would have done so much more with him. He would have had fun doing agility, or obedience, or even flyball.

My four current dogs have titles, and Levi has a ton of titles. I hope the number of titles Chase has will grow and grow.

Why do I like titles, you ask? Well, I actually didn’t really know myself until I read this article over on the Flyball Blog about titles. And I agree with all my heart.

To me, my dogs’ titles are a physical indication of how much time I have spent with my dog. Working, training, bonding, playing, and having fun. The more diverse the titles, the more proud I am that I have given my dogs a happy, healty, active, full life. Obedience, Agility, Herding, Flyball… I am extra proud that Levi is a Versatility Collie. That means the most to me. Because it lets me know that I have spent a lot of time with him doing many diverse things, and he’s good at them too!

So just because people like to get titles doesn’t necessarily mean they are vain, or extremely competitive. Some people just like them to be able to look at all those letters, and have memories of all the wonderful things we did with our dogs. (That’s why my dogs, on the right of this blog, have their titles listed with them.)