Well, Chase and I have been going and practicing with the Thunder Paws Flyball club here in Utah. And so far, so good. Chase is a great flyball dog, and he’s doing really well. He is fumbling the ball at the box most of the time, though. He really didn’t used to do that at practice. Maybe half the time… now it’s most. But we have some ideas of what to do to get him to catch that darn ball.

It can’t be that hard, the ball comes out exactly the same angle every time! Goofball Chase. 🙂

Anyway, we are having fun. We are hoping to go to the U-FLI tournament in Longmont, Nevada, the last week of October. If we do that, I’m probably going to get in the 3 day agility trial the very next weekend in October, and bring both Levi and Chase down. If I’m there it’d seem a waste not to go.

My boss tells me if I can find internet connection, I can even work from there. Woot!