Okay… time for bed, but here’s a picture of sweet Jessi first. I am getting my old laptop restored onto my new, about half way there. Cleaned up the old desktop we are giving away this weekend, and I think I should be able to start blogging regularly soon!

So Jessi went to the vet today. The vet pulled a huge foxtail out of her ear! And she didn’t even seem in pain. She has not been spayed, so in two weeks after she gets over her kennel cough, she will be spayed. She got a rabies vaccination… who knows maybe she has never had one. And the vet didn’t charge us for an exam… I love our vet. They are amazing!

Jessi is a doll and everyone at the vet wanted to take her home. She plays tug, she’s great with people and with dogs, she’s completely house trained, she loves toys and likes to play tug. She is afraid of the stairs and won’t go up or down yet but we are working on that. She is not a good eater, probably she had junk food like kibbles n bits or something, lots of sugar, no nutritional value. The vet thinks she’s about 2 or 3.

We adore her and wish we could keep her. 🙂 And our house is now clean since the maid service came, even the range hoods are clean!