So! We went to a day of ASCA agility today. It was a lot of fun. We just did it for fun and training, and only today, and only a few of the runs. I wanted to give Levi fun runs with no weaves, and I wanted to see how Chase’s training has been going. This video probably won’t be available for a half our or so as YouTube gets it going. But I have the insertion code so I thought I’d put it in.

Anyway, Levi Q’d 3 out of 3 runs. One elite jumpers (this video) and two open gamblers. Which means, I think, he can move to elite gamblers next time. He is such a good boy, moved fast, and had fun.

Chase did a great job, too. He paid attention, he got all his contacts, and we worked well together. I was very pleased. We’ll see how we do at training class next time and see how much of his brain he looses again. Hopefully not much. Both his runs were good and his second wasn’t any more wild than the first. I’ll get his videos uploaded later… his is on another minidisc in the camera.