Jessi is sure getting some attitude. 🙂 We like attitude, though, and confidence. Though now we have to watch the dogs a bit more. She was posturing Angel a day or so ago, trying to be boss. Angel tells her to quit it with teeth and growl, so that is good. It’s bad when Jessi does it to Lucy or Chase. Because both Lucy and Chase outrank her, and they will seriously let her know that.

So we have to watch for a while until they work out their pack dynamics. Always interesting when that happens. I don’t know how people do it when they just put a new dog into their pack and don’t worry about it. That is strange to me. We never do that, we always watch, are always careful, to see how they get along.

I say that violence begets violence, in dogs as well as people. If fights break out, they are more likely to break out in the future. So we try to stop it before it happens. And, it’s not uncommon. Dogs are dogs, they show their pack dynamics differently than humans, and it usually works out (we have never had it not work out).