My husband and I took Lucy and Chase to the chiropractor yesterday for her agility day. Chase does agility, Lucy does obedience (or did, before her limp) so we wanted to have both of them checked out.

I loved her. She was great. She did Chase first. She said Chase is in really good shape and only needed minor adjustments. She said he’s bent a little to the right because he turns to the right for flyball, and gave me an exercise I can to do even him out. She said he is built really well, althletic, in good shape, and didn’t need much adjustment for being a performance dog. She recommends every 6 months adjustments for him.

Lucy, on the other hand, is a mess. 🙂 Not only is she lame in her front right leg, she is also lame in her left hind. The left hind is more lame on the grass, better on the pavement. The right front is less lame on the grass, more on the pavement. She needed major adjustments. The chiropractor said that Lucy has the classic right front problems of an obedience dog who is always on the person’s left and looking up to her right. We actually had to muzzle Lucy when we adjusted her. She got some good adjustments and some acupuncture. The chiropractor spent a lot of time on Lucy. This is so refreshing. We are going to take her back in two weeks for another adjustment. I really, really, really hope that this works out Lucy’s lameness problems. I would love to get her a UCD in UKC, and a CDX in ASCA and in UKC. She so loves to work for treats, and she has an awesome dumbbell retreive! So everyone cross your fingers. Lucy will be 9 years young in February so really has a number of obedience years left in her. 🙂

Anyway, I am encouraged. Next agility day Levi is going to go in, and I’d like to get Angel into her as well. She is a DVM and holistic, so she really has a lot of options at her fingertips!

And I didn’t really even need a hoodia patch when I left, but maybe one would be nice for me…