I am highly stressed about going to camp and getting these four collies in from Houston at the same time. But logically things are really coming together well. I just need to know exactly what time the jet is landing, then I can notify all my people (wow, I have people! lol) when they need to be to the airport.

I have directions of exactly where to go. It’s not the big airport, which is nice… no security checks or anything. It’s a landing site off the big airport. So shouldn’t be too hard to get too.

And camp will be very relaxing for me and the boys. Well, for me anyway. I hope the boys get a lot of exercise! We won’t be staying at the Venetian hotel, but our cabins will be cozy and comfy. I’m bringing more stuff this year than last, and I must have packed better because my car has more room this year. Go figure!